La Chaussette Française manufactures collections that are truly inspired perfection!

Perfection conceived of passion and an unyielding dedication to their craft by the designers and the artisans producing them. Thru this dedication have come beautifully innovative designs, weaves and undeniably flawless socks!

Since they first pulled their socks up in 1924, the Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Company has been creating innovative weaves and collections using only premium silk, cashmere, wool, cotton lisle yarns and the finest dyes. With a reputation for excellence long withstanding, these faithful artisans have also developed custom weaves and creations for Paris’ leading fashion houses such as Maison Dior and many others as well.

The creative designers at La Chaussette Française live and breathe to the rhythm of fashion and these great fashion houses that never cease to challenge, keeping La Chaussette Française ahead of the latest trends. Through this attentiveness and their dedication to them and you, came the elegant collections and the faultless finishes they’re known for.

La Chaussette Française and their designs also symbolize the spirit of French craftsmanship. Each sock heralds the distinctive colours of the French flag, red for the republic, white for royalty and blue for the revolution at the tip of the foot and in the form of emblematic cockade above the heel.

La Chaussette Française offers a wide range of high socks, a true sign of elegance, in deeper colors such as grays, browns and blacks but also tonic tones such as red, orange, pink, blue, green.

It’s easy to be proud when you take pride in your work! Just as it’s easy to be proud when you wear La Chaussette Française, they go way beyond just an accessory, outlining the silhouette of all men attentive to exquisite form and detail.

The history of La Chaussette Française is one that is rich, guiding you in the footsteps of the famous Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, Edouard Boubat, Jacques Prévert and Léo Ferré. Who would have thought a pair of our socks could take you on a walk with histories humanists, photographers, the great poets after the Second World War and so many others visionaries.
Take a walk with La Chaussette Française and you will discover the secrets of Paris, nocturnal and diurnal, graphic and romantic, and a true procreation ground for visionaries and imaginative souls. Be brilliant, be Paris!

Paris is, and will always remain the city of light and passion!