At the PERRIN Knitwear Manufacturing Co. we are specialized in the manufacturing of high quality socks and tights, and we’ve actively promoted French made products since the creation of our hosiery company in 1924.

PERRIN also proudly manufactures sock collections for fashion houses and internationally recognized brands known for their chic and luxury status such as Maison DIOR, Maison SAINT LAURENT, Maison RYKIEL, CHLOE, JACADI, VICOMTE A and LE SLIP FRANCAIS, and we sincerely thank them for their unwavering confidence in the quality products we manufacture for them.

Made in France

The “Made in France” label is profoundly anchored in the culture of Perrin Manufacturing Co. Jean-Sébastien Petitdemange and Anthony Vitorino, co-authors of the book “Made in France, La France qui résiste” by Larousse, have not failed to emphasize this quality among the products and companies emblematic of French heritage companies.

La Chaussette Française collection is sold with distinction
in the shop of the Assemblée Nationale in Paris!
7, rue Aristide Briand, Paris 7e.

In the Assemblée Nationale, the socks of La Chaussette Française seduce all walks of life in search of refined quality and detail,
and look for that exceptional accessory that will outline their silhouette!
La Chaussette Française’ collection of knee-high socks is a sign of absolute elegance and a true gentleman!
Pure Parisian style!


Martine Couturier, President
Couturier, Commercial Director