The knee-high sock is the sock of ultra chic men and women of today!

The knee-high sock comes plain, coloured or patterned and is a classic among stylish men and women of all ages.

There is a significant return to this style in trade shows, to the calves of the trendy new generation and to men and women’s wardrobes everywhere!

Take a walk in style, be chic and be Parisian!

Today, beyond the role of just the accessory, the colourful socks are understood to be the finishing detail that changes everything and that which defines the silhouettes of the elegant!
Needless to say, these high quality wool and cashmere socks also keep you warm, cozy and sleek in winter as well.

In lisle cotton or natural silk, our stockings dress the whole leg in any season and bring great comfort by softly tightening the legs and every curve without compression.
Turn heads and discover the Berthe Aux Grands Pieds collection of high socks today!
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