Innovations and comfort in sporting performance!

The research and development teams at the Perrin Manufacturing Company travel through European tradeshows in search of the newest intelligent fibers, textiles and innovations to create only the highest quality, form fitting comfort and performance technology to your socks and tights.

The research and development of the DRY-TEX sports sock is just one of many successes by our R&D teams. Our DRY-TEX socks combine ground-breaking fiber technology with high-tech knitting techniques entirely conceived for the optimal performance of the foot during training sessions and sporting events.

The light weight high performance DRY-TEX technology allows the foot to breathe during exertion, the internal loop material dampens impact and the arch of the foot is supported by their ergonomic design and fit.

The DRY-TEX line lends itself to all activities: hiking, cycling, running, outdoor and indoor sports.

DRY-TEX technology is a must for keeping winning feet up to speed!
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